Monday, March 28, 2011

Pillow Slip Project

Elizabeth tested the new sewing machine on Sunday by making a pillow slip.She was patient when cutting and pinning the fabrics.
And the excitement was flowing when it was time to begin stitching.She managed to complete most of the pillow slip by Sunday evening and finished the rest this afternoon.

The pillow fit perfectly.
And now it's on her bed;
Being tested by Alf and Tweety.


Packrat said...

Miss Elizabeth, you did a wonderful job. I really like the colors, too. I hope you continue to sew. Sewing is a good and fun skill to have.

(My daughter (age 24) won't even learn to thread a sewing machine. BooHoo.)

Ann said...

Good Job, Elizabeth! You did a great job. Enjoy your new sewing machine. You have a great teacher.

Anonymous said...

Good job, grandma is proud of you..

Helen Ruth said...

I LOVE that pillowcase. Good job Elizabeth! Is her machine really smooth? I sold the one I trained Pamela on. Actually, I traded it for a new crib for Caitlin.

Pamela uses my machine now. She still has the old Singer machine, but we're using it for a side table in the livingroom.

QuiltedSimple said...

what a great job Elizabeth did! Enjoy your new machine

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