Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Farm House in the Country...Preparing to Move pt. 3

After we repaired the drain pipe in the wall we discovered the sink and toilet had been leaking as well; between the sink leak and the toilet leak the bathroom floor was in pretty bad shape.So bad we had to cut part of the floor out; although it wasn't fun having to cut the floor it was interesting to see under the house.

It was very time consuming working on the floor. Pat of course did all the hard labor while I sat and watched and handed him tools when he needed them.

When the new linoleum went down you couldn't even tell the bathroom ever had a problem.

And once the toilet and sink were installed the room looked almost brand new.

It sure is nice having a husband who can fix or build anything!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Pat did a great job of fixing it.. love your sink.. it's like the one Jo has that I've always admired but unfortunately we need the under cabinet and drawers

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