Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Always Learning

I love to learn but it isn't always fun when you learn from your own mistake.
 After Thanksgiving I had an abundance of ham broth so I decided to try my hand at canning beans.
My canning book states adding beans until 1-inch from the top...this turned out to be too many beans. 
I ended up with beans and very little broth! Next time I will put less beans in the jars.


Rachel E. said...

Can you still use them? What a great task to get accomplished. Yeah for you. My family has a ham and bean recipe that has passed down for generations. It's a favorite in our family. I wonder if I could can it. It's pinto beans, ham, and ham broth.

Unknown said...

Oh, Patty, I thought you were going to say that the jars burst. I'm so glad that didn't happen. Thanks for sharing. I'm wanting to do some beans so now I'll know to put less than the ball book calles for.

Anonymous said...

Not a total failure Patty.. just add more broth when you open a jar or you could add them to soup.

Packrat said...

Thanks for the heads up on the amount of beans to add to a jar. I've never canned them, but have frozen them. I have had jars break, so I freeze them with the lids off and then put on the lids.

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