Saturday, December 1, 2012

Making Dolls

 Elizabeth has been invited to a tea party by some friends. She went last year and had such a good time. As a Thank You gift for her invitation I decided to make a ballerina doll for each of her friends.
This first doll was my practice doll. The pattern suggested using felt for the hair but since I didn't have any I used corduroy instead. And I must say it worked very well.
The original doll pattern, Simplicity 1900, isn't for a ballerina so I improvised by adding a bun to the top of the head, pink to the feet for shoes and ribbon to the legs for laces.
 Once my practice doll was finished I knew what changes I wanted to make to the other two dolls.
 I began by adding a larger bow to each bun; it stands out well.
 And I used thinner ribbon for the leg laces.
 All in all I am very pleased with all three dolls.
Elizabeth loves her doll, she gets the practice doll, and I'm pretty sure her friends are going to love their doll too.


Rachel E. said...

Those are adorable, and you are talented.

Anonymous said...

Very cute Patty.. I can see how it was a lot of work.. those arms and legs are so tiny but you managed and did a great job.

SchneiderPeeps said...

you did a great job! I bet the girls are going to love them.

Packrat said...

The dolls are really cute. Great idea to use corduroy!

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